Contact us today for solutions to your communications needs.  Connective Marketing provides communications services to small businesses:

  • E-newsletters--Get that first one started, job out your routine distribution, or fill in for when you're away.  Keep in touch with your clients so you are tied forever.
  • Print newsletters--Many specialties are most successful utilizing print media.  Let's work together to steer your message on course.
  • Proofreading & Editing--You want to make sure what you're sharing is perfect.
  • Event management--Be confident that your event will be first rate, from invitation to close.  No detail overlooked, every need fulfilled. 
  • Handbooks--In many cases turning to a web site is slower and clumsier than a well laid-out handbook. 
  • Yearbooks--These tie an organization together and provide consistency and progression.  Is your group mature enough to need one?
  • Directories--See who else is in the organization with you in a quick glance--get that phone number, email address, web site URL and keep moving. 
  • Web site content--Have trouble with routine updates?  Hand that off and keep doing what you do best.
  • Membership management/Organizational dues notifications--Back office services to keep a group together, financially and organizationally. 

Connective Marketing has a particular focus on sailing and sailboat racing organizations and events.  Be confident you can drop your dock lines and sail away knowing your needs will be met.

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